Legal Translation Services

If your business has legal documentation that shall be used in another country and in another legal system then legal translation is a necessity. If you do not speak English as your first language and need to understand legal documentation then legal translations are a must. If your client does not speak English, then getting necessary legal documentation, court documentation and witness statements translated correctly is of vital importance.

My degree in Political Science, helps me translate your legal documentations accurately and correctly.

I regularly assist my clients in the legal field with the following:

  • Translation of Witness statements from English into Hindi and Bengali
  • Exhibits
  • Court documentation
  • Wills and Probates
  • Legal Documentation for businesses conducting operations in India
  • Transcription Services for legal audio or video recordings in either English, Hindi or Bengali


In the case of a document translation, costs are based on the actual source word count and on a per thousand word rate. 

In the case of transcription services, charges are based on a per minute basis. If the audio or video requires transcription and translation, then a combined per minute price is quoted for both. 

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