Clinical Research Translation Services

I have been working alongside my clients in the field of healthcare, pharma and clinical research for the past 18 years. Translations for this field in particular combine both research translations and questionnaire translations for patients, researchers, doctors and healthcare professionals across the globe.

Alongside forward translation, back or reverse translation is also a key step wherein I assist my clients by translating from Hindi or Bengali into English so that key discrepancies, errors in translation and mistranslations can be spotted and rectified. 

I collaborate on the following subject matters for English, Hindi and Bengali language translations:  

  • Clinical Research Protocols
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
  • Clinical Study Agreements and Contracts
  • Dossiers
  • Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)
  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Physician manuals 
  • Instructions for the use of medications
  • User manuals for medical devices
  • Patent Applications
  • Pharmacovigilance reports
  • Patient reports
  • Study Trial questionnaires and reports
  • Quality of Life questionnaires and diary entries
  • Localization of Medical Software 
  • Production requirements and SOP's for medical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Translation and Localization of User Interfaces (UI) for medical devices


Cost for translation and back translation are calculated on actual word count and on a per thousand word rate.

The same is applicable in the case of proofreading or reviewing.

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