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Market Research Translation Services

Online or paper surveys, questionnaires or group discussions - all fall within the gambit of market research. An error can throw an entire market research campaign off its track. Don't get caught on the wrong foot!

Legal Translation Services

With the world coming closer, global migration rapidly increasing and businesses expanding now more than ever before accuracy in legal translations have assumed a position of imperative necessity. 

Clinical Research Translation Services

Clinical Research, Pharma and Healthcare are some of the most crucial and dynamic sectors of the world, which have an indellible impact on all our lives. Flawless and perfect translations are thus vital.

Training & E-Learning Translations

As the global footprint of businesses increase manifold it becomes extremely important to effectively convey key company policies, rules and regulations, codes of coduct and work ethos to your global family. 

Charity and NGO Translations

Translations carried out for Charities and NGO's always have a higher purpose behind. An aim to convey their message to the intended audience bearing in mind the sensitivity of the nature of their work and approach. 

Audio and Video Transcription and Subtitling

Audio and Video transcription and subtitling services for production companies, networks, media, marketing companies, legal firms and many others.

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